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ERP For Small business India

Benefits of ERP for Small Business

With the rise in the advancement of data management and technology, no wonder ERP has become an essential tool for modern business.

However still, people often assume that ERP systems are designed mainly to address the needs of the large organisation.  While that may have been the case in the past, ERP has become more of a must-have tool in the small business today. 

It is increasingly used by many small businesses in this competray era in order to streamline the data and make more informed decisions for the business.

Especially, Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, most of the small businesses have moved to digital by adopting ERP systems to streamline their process. The implementation of ERP systems in a small business has been drastically increasing, and its probably going to increase in upcoming years as well. 

So, if you still have not realized the benefits of  ERP. This blog is for you.  Here I am going to list some of the key benefits of ERP for business.


Reason to implement ERP for Small business :

Maintaining control and reduce operational costs

With the increase in the volume of business transactions, tracking the workflow with spreadsheets and outdated software takes employees hours to accomplish tasks. Also, maintaining the spreadsheets can lead to error, leakage of information and other chaos.

However, implementing ERP on your business helps to automate and manage the data flow by eliminating human error such as missing order, inventory mistakes or miscommunication.

On the other hand, ERP software also reduces the operation cost by providing real-time in-sights where workflow improvement can be made, inventory refills and over-ordering can be eliminated.


Boost Productivity

One of the biggest benefits of ERP for small businesses is an increased level of productivity, which is a key to any companys bottom line. ERP systems provide you with better visibility and smoother business processes, allowing employees to spend more time managing larger volumes of business. This can lead to the transformation of different aspects of your business and also aids in overcoming the challenges involved in your business growth.


Streamlined Data Flow

With its centralized database management, ERP can provide a streamlined data flow. This is extremely helpful for small businesses, which often run into problems when it comes to data being discriminated against in different departments.

For instance, financial data required by the inventory department may be challenging to locate. With ERP software, everything is in one place, and all official data is available to every department.


Improves Collaboration

Implementing ERP on a small business can bring a huge improvement in the internal communication of your business.  Poor communication and lack of collaboration often come as the result of not having proper access to data across all departments. However, with ERP solution, collaboration is better facilitated as the employee is able to see a big picture with your company.


Best ERP software for small business

Konnect ERP is a cloud-based ERP system designed to meet the growing needs of the organization of all sizes.  Its adaptable and easy to implement features make it the best choice for small scale business. 

Being cloud-based ERP system, konnect ERP offers more security and can be accessed remotely from anywhere. 

Konnect ERP is integrated with an end to end business module that includes CRM, inventory management, project management, task management, quality control, finance, human resource and more for complete business management.

Konnect ERP comes with both Lite and enterprise variants; therefore, users can choose the packages as per your needs and requirements of the business.

One of the biggest benefits of konnect ERP is that its modular makeup feature, meaning several applications can be implemented together according to the business needs. In this way, business can pick and choose which components work best for the business.


Advantage of Choosing Konnect ERP for your business

Easy integration

With konnect ERP, users can easily integrate third-party applications like MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, Oracle, CSV, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft SharePoint and more.


Highly Secure

Konnect ERP software offers a comprehensive, triple-layer security model which is highly secure and hack-proof. Therefore your data is completely protected and secure.


Access anywhere anytime

Being a Cloud-based ERP user can access the data remotely through the internet anywhere, anytime.