• How ERP Can Help Your Business?

    ERP systems can help businesses by improving productivity to become more time efficient by eliminating duplication and manual entry. An ERP system offers 360° visibility into operations easily identifying problems helping employees to make informed decisions. The real-time integration between financial distribution and manufacturing solutions make financial data always currentt.

  • What is the implementation cost and is there any license cost?

    The cost depends up on the client requirements and the customizations. There is no restriction on the number of users and license cost.

  • How is my data protected against loss?

    We have continuous backup in the cloud and it is supported by AWS(Amazon Web Services), hence the concern for safety and security of data is completely eliminated.

  • Why should I choose Cloud ERP?

    Cloud ERP is Cost Effective, Customizable, Scalable and Easy to Use. Continuous upgrades & addition of new functionalities are offered at no extra cost. It can easily scale up and down depending on your business needs without the need to re-implement every time something changes.

  • How does a cloud-based ERP software help a small to mid-size business to grow?

    All businesses whether small or medium require an efficient management to be profitable. ERP is an effective and powerful business software, which conveniently integrates and manages varied aspects of your business smoothly and efficiently. Now you can handle every aspect ranging from locating raw materials, management and optimization of inventory, production planning and scheduling and financial controls with just the right ERP in place. An ERP system enables the businesses to recognize waste, minimize inefficiencies, enhance customer relations and to facilitate real-time collaboration. ERP systems assist businesses to become more time efficient. Integrating ERP in your organization will definitely help you in minimizing costs, enhancing efficiency and improving ROI.


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