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Konnect Analytics has to its credit over 15 years of experience in ERP Consulting services. The advancements in technology has routed most of the SMEs to adopt ERP. The SMEs start adopting ERP to match the speed of the market trends. The lack of adequate knowledge in configuring the apt ERP increases the hurdles and deters the speed of the processes on implementation. After the investment on ERP, the SMEs reach a point where they cannot continue with the old processes nor adopt the ERP processes. Konnect team can analyze your business hurdles and the factors that hinder the speed of the processes analyzing all of the portfolios like the manufacturing processes, procurement of raw materials, service, marketing, Finance, HR etc. and identify the correct form of ERP to accelerate and enhance the processes.

We can help the SMEs in a smooth transition of their processes into an ERP based enterprise irrelevant of the current status. Our consulting services extend to support the SME’s from the stage of identifying the problem & finding the right vendor till the project completion. Konnect explores your specific industry identifying the hurdles and assists in delivering the perfect ERP solutions with enhanced efficiency, productivity in line with the objectives. At present the concentration of Konnect is not in the technical implementations.

The ERP consulting process is carried out meticulously in various steps. Konnect professionals conduct several meetings with the key personnel of various departments to understand the hurdles. They also meet the top management to understand the objectives to be achieved. Then the road map is laid with keen focus to problem solving in line with the objectives. On approval of the road map and the budget allocation by the client, the apt vendor and the hardware are chosen. Konnect facilitates in training the team to the software processes. After implementation Konnect conducts quality check to ensure match between the plan and the implementation and also analyzes for better scope. On successful completion of the project, Konnect evaluates the project to showcase benefits. The SME can choose to avail continuous support services or to engage Konnect to carry out road map analysis at frequent intervals.

Konnects efforts to incorporate authentic business intelligence to ERP consulting process evolves as a permanent solution driven by the data to give superior inputs leading to enhanced efficiency. Konnect lets you outsmart the competition and gives you the prevalence in growth opportunities.